Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator
Flashback - Amira Hass of
Don't shoot until you can
see they're    over the age of
12'; Nov. 20, 2000.       Hass
is interviewing an IDF


    (Hass is the speaker
    without quotes)

    But nonetheless there
    are children who were
    hit, wounded or killed
    after they were hit in the
    head. Unless these were

    "If they were children,
    they were mistakes."

    Do they talk about this?

    "They talk to us about
    this a lot. They forbid us
    to shoot at children."

    How do they say this?

    "You don't shoot a child
    who is 12 or younger."

    That is, a child of 12 or
    older is allowed?

    "Twelve and up is
    allowed. He's not a child
    any more, he's already
    after his bar mitzvah.
    Something like that."

    Thirteen is bar mitzvah

    "Twelve and up, you're
    allowed to shoot. That's
    what they tell us."

    Again: Twelve and up
    you're allowed to shoot

    "Because this already
    doesn't look to me like a
    child by definition, even
    though in the United
    States a child can be 23."

    Under international law,
    a child is defined as
    someone up to the age
    of 18.

    "Up until 18 is a child?"

    So, according to the IDF,
    it is 12?

    "According to what the
    IDF says to its soldiers. I
    don't know if this is
    what the IDF says to the

    And children are from 12
    down. Is there no order
    that between 12 and 18
    you shoot at the legs
    and not the head?

    "Of course we try to see
    to it that he really is over

    In the 10 seconds that
    you have.

    "In the 10 seconds that I
    have, I have to estimate
    how old he is."

    And in what direction the
    wind is blowing, and the
    deviation here and there,
    and which way he'll
    jump the next moment.

    "Yes, but there are
    hardly any mistakes by
    sharpshooters. The
    mistakes are made by
    people who aren't

    And it turns out that they
    happen to hit the
    children's heads, and all
    this is just by chance?

    "If you say you have
    seen children that have
    been hit in the head a lot,
    then it is sharpshooters."

    So what you're saying is
    that our definition of
    children is different.

    "Your definition is

    Because for you it's
    someone who is 12.

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barbarism against
gays in Africa;

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on a series of
unfolding plots; what is
being kept from us;
Apr. 11, 2010

Raw Story:
commissioner helped
RNC conceal role in
2004 vote
suppression; Mar. 30,

Why they did it:
Section 5.2, para. 4,
of the official
Report:  'U.S. support
for Israel, the
Philippines, and
governments in the
Arab world. '

Israel and the
occupied territories
Bureau of Democracy,
Human Rights, and
2008 Country Reports
on Human Rights
Feb. 25, '09;

Questions & Answers
on Gaza; Stephen
ZNet; Jan. 16, '09

Former Speaker of the
Israeli Parliament
Avraham Burg: “The
Holocaust Is Over: We
Must Rise from its
Ashes” - Democracy

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David Rose; Vanity
Apr. '08
backed an armed
force to overthrow

Leaders are frantically
trying to prevent war
crimes proceedings

What if the entire tale
of the Jewish Diaspora
historically wrong? ;  
by Joshua Holland;
Alternet; Jan. 28, 09

Israel 'Hides
Settlement Data'; BBC
Jan. 30, 2009

Erase my
grandfather's name
from Yad Vashem;
transl. to En. by Aimee
Kligman; (orig. in Le

Israel denies Gaza
access to clean water;
Press TV; Jan. 30

Israeli troops told to
fire at anything that
Press TV; Jan. 31

Dear Conservatives,
Will You Help Save the
Republic From Military
Takeover? by Naomi
Wolf, Oct. 18, '08;

Film: Torturing
Democracy (plus
documents, time-line)

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the war: Winter Soldier
(clips)  ;

Timeline of the Great
Depression   ;

1927 - 1933 Chart of
the Pompous
Prognosticators  ;

Federal Ethics
Committee ECNH -
Dignity of living beings

Foreign Policy:  The
U.S. Military Index,
March/April 2008;
3,400 active and
retired officers polled
on the state of the
military (In sum?  
Stretched thin.
Not good.)

San Francisco
Chronicle (martial
law; detention
Rule by Fear
or Rule by Law?
Lewis Seiler, Dan
Hamburg; 04/02/08

The Progressive:
Exclusive!  The FBI
deputizes business
Matthew Rothschild;

(China; Russia):
Gwynn Dyer: The
Real Reason for Vast
U.S. Defense Bill
Gwynn Dyer; 13/02/08

New report finds
Gaza situation worst
in 40 years
'There is no virtue so truly great and godlike
as justice' - Joseph Addison (1713)
Article: 'EU to label products from Israeli settlements'; The
Telegraph; Ben Lynfield; July 23, 2013;

Article: '
Israeli anger as EU bans funds for West Bank
Settlements'; The Independent; Alistair Dawber; July 16, 2013;

Article: '
The Neoconservative war criminals in our midst';
Paul Craig Roberts; Institute for Political Economy; Aug. 1, 2012;

Ties in with the above article. Names names: '
Conservatives call
for Obama to intervene in Syria'; Josh Rogan; Foreign Policy;
Feb. 17, 2012;

U.S. military's Afghanistan Massacre:  '
Afghan father tries to cope
with shooting rampage' ; by Mirwais Khan and Heidi Voigt; AP;
Mar 24, 2012;

Article: '
12 U.S.-related human rights stories the press is
missing'; H. Victor Conde; Nieman Watchdog, Nieman
Foundation for Journalism, Harvard University; July 27, 2011;
Adds up?..

Fourth largest exporter of weapons in the world:
Israel hits 7.2 billion in arms exports'; June 17, 2011; UPI.com ;


'Child poverty in U.S. approaches 25%'; PressTV; July 2, 2011 ;


Three billion in military hardware donated to Israel per year:
Obama approves aid to Israel, PA'; Yitzhak Benhorin; Dec. 18,
'09; Ynetnews ;
Text of media interview with Osama bin Laden, translated by
BBC world monitoring service and made public Sept. 29, 2001 -
denies any involvement in 9/11 ;.

PBS Newshour article -
'Bin Laden admits 9-11 Responsibility,
Warns of More Attacks;' Oct. 29, 2004 ;

U.S. military support increases terror attacks on American
citizens study shows; London School of Economics and Political
Science; Feb. 2011;

Where your federal income tax dollars go (U.S.); Stephen Koff,
The Plain Dealer; Apr. 8, 2011; cleveland.com ;

Union of Concerned Scientists - 2010 report on the safety of U.S.
nuclear power plants ;

Atomic deserts: A survey of the world's radioactive no-go zones -
SPIEGEL on-line; Apr. 12, '11 ;

cover article: Palestine Center for Human Rights releases 100-
page report: '
The illegal closure of the Gaza strip: Collective
punishment of the civilian population (pdf); Dec. 21, 2010

August 29, 2010  See
LIST of candidates committed to ending
war funding

Report shows exactly why Federal whistleblowers need
Protection; Government Accountability Project; Dec. 1, 2010;

ARAB PEACE PLAN proposals (2002) ;

Khaled Meshsaal Interview:  Hamas Chief Weighs in
on Eve of Peace Talks'; Sharmine Narwani; Aug. 31, 2010;
Huffington Post [peace at 1967 borders.]

'Israeli Generals and Intel Officials Oppose Attack on Iran;
analysis by Gareth Porter'; Aug. 13, 2010; IPSnews

Article, '
For the record: the full text of the Ottawa Protocol'; Inside
Politics Blog (CBC); Kady O'Malley; Nov. 10, 2010;

Foreign Policy: '
Mass assassinations Lie at the Heart of
America's Military Policy in the Muslim World'; Fred Branfman;
Alternet; Aug. 24, 2010

U.S.:  '
Tax-Exempt Funds Aiding West Bank Settlements'; Jim
Rutenberg, Jim McIntire, Ethan Bronner; July 5, 2010; NYT;

What the Wall Has Done'; Jamal Juma';
Aug. 31. 2010; The Electronic Intifada (includes interesting
perspective on the PA);

Canada:  '
Postal union gives stamp of approval to Gaza mail
Jayme Poisson;The Star; August 25, 2010;

Israeli human rights group B'Tselem, reports:  
Human Rights in the Occupied Territories January - June 2010 ;

Public Health:
We urgently need transparency over depleted
weapons-use; July 26, '10

Re: Iraq Wikileaks -
Alternet and Democracy Now! discuss
interviews with Iraqi witnesses: 'They killed the wounded and
drove over their bodies'; Apr. 13, 2010

IDF order will enable mass deportations from West Bank;
-  Amira Hass; Haaretz; Apr. 11, 2010;
Amira Hass
update Apr. 13, 2010; (see, also here, and here ,

American guarantees to Israel wiping out right of return;
Ikhwanweb; Apr. 13, 2010

Breaking News:  World Bank issues Fayyad statehood checklist ;
Apr. 13, 2010 - related: definitive analysis/recommend:
What Kind of Palestinian State in 2011?; Rafeef Ziadah;
uruknet; Apr. 12, 2010

Holy Land: Boys disappearing from Hebron Old City; Paulette
Schroeder; Independent Catholic News; Mar. 17, 2010

Imprisoning Palestinian Children; Stephen Lendman

Obama's Brave Nuke World; Stephen Lendman;
After Downing Street; Apr. 12, 2010

U.S. Russia Sign Protocol to Dispose of 17 thousand weapons
worth of plutonium; ABC News, Jake Tapper; Apr. 13, 2010

The associated students of the University of California Berkeley
Bill S.B.118 in support of UC divestment from war crimes -
recommends boycott of two companies which supply Israel  
send form letter of support to the students to
overturn the veto on the resolution. Read
letter from Naomi Klein

Weiss: Holocaust Survivor – Why I Support Palestinian Rights
April 12, 2010 by jerichorendezvous

Canada's effort to criminalize Criticism of Israel; Aletho News;
Feb. 11, 2010

Stifling Academic Discussion About Israel Raises Critical
Questions; Dorit Naaman; CAUT Bulletin.ca; Jn. 11, 2009

Widow calls for Rights & Democracy review: FTA:
'critics accuse them of trying to impose a right-wing ideology. The
dispute began when the new board members challenged grants
being made to three human rights organizations known to be
critical of Israel's human rights record.' - husband suffers fatal
heart attack; CBC; Apr. 13, 2010

Propagandistic Anti-Semitism Report (Accidentally) Raises the
Linkage Issue; Max Blumenthal; Apr. 13, 2010

Targeting Academic and Speech Freedoms; Stephen Lendman;
Apr. 2, 2010 (&

The Complete
Goldstone Report  .

Gaza rebuilding stymied; video; Apr. 11, 2010

The injured continue to suffer in Gaza; Apr. 12, 2010; rabble.ca

After three years, goods permitted into Gaza found destroyed;
Maan News Agency; Apr. 12, 2010

Why Israel Jailed Me for 'Talking Too Much'; Jamal Juma;
Christian Science Monitor; Mar. 9, 2010

European Union endorses Goldstone Report - calls for lifting
siege of Gaza; 10/03/10

Five more innocent men released after eight years in
Guantanamo; Andy Worthington; Truthout; Mar. 31, 2010

U.S. Congressman Baird stands up for the people of Gaza;
Seattle Times

One year in jail for calling Israel a state for all its citizens

On-going theft of Palestinian land: update

Turkey's Erdogan Tells Germany's Merkel:  No sanctions on Iran,
and no nuclear double standards with Israel.

Occupation by the numbers:  Maan News Agency

Liberation. Not a fictitious Palestinian state; Hasan Abu Nimah
and Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 2 September 2009

CAIA:  Canadian gov't de-funds pro-Palestinian groups including
the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) that provides
vital humanitarian assistance to five million Palestinian refugees

Canada's clampdown on free speech - Jordan Michael Smith,
Mar. 27, 2010
Boston Globe;

Obama squeezed between Israel and Iran; Pepe Escobar; Asia
Times; Mar. 26, 2010. FTA: AIPAC also urged lawmakers to
pass with no comments the annual US $3 billion US aid to Israel.
This means the new made-in-USA F-35 fighter jets Israel buys will
be basically financed by US taxpayers. [value: 1/4 Billion U.S.]

U.N. Human Rights Commission passes three resolutions
Condemning Israel

Police State America:  McCain, Lieberman et al proposed law, S.
FTA: An individual, including a citizen of the United States... may
be detained without criminal charges and without trial'... Key
words folks: suspected; potential. No charges, no trial, no
constitution, no rights. Welcome to the new America.

Truth Has Fallen and Has Taken Liberty With It;
Paul Craig Roberts; Information Clearing House; Mar. 24, 2010

Mideast:  Israeli raids target children; IPS News; Mar. 16, 2010;

Family members ask court to reconsider dismissal of wrongful
death claims at Guantanamo; Centre for Constitutional Rights;
Mar. 17, 2010

George W. Bush 'knew Guantanamo prisoners were innocent';
- Tim Reid; Times On Line; Apr. 9, 2010

Erasing the Past:  The Destruction of an Ancient Muslim
Cemetery in Jerusalem (PDF); Center for Constitutional Rights.  
Excerpt: 'The Israeli government and the Simon Wiesenthal
Center (SWC) are currently building the “Center for Human
Museum of Tolerance” on a portion of the Mamilla Cemetery. This
construction project has resulted in the disinterment of hundreds
of graves, and the whereabouts of the countless human remains
that have been disposed of are unknown. Israel and the SWC
plan to continue the erection of the museum atop thousands of
more graves.'

Petreus on Israel - The Daily Dish; Mar. 14, 2010

A racism outside of language: Israel's Apartheid; S. Makdisi;
Pambazuka; Mar. 11, 2010

Israel's unfair 'law of return'; Abe Hayeem; guardian.co.uk; Mar.
11, 2010

Settlers Torch Olive Orchard In Hebron; IMEM; Mar. 12, 2010

Harvard students op ed protesting racist and eugenicist
statements against Palestinians by visiting scholar Martin
Kramer; Harvard Crimson;
Mar. 11, 2010

The Decline of Israel and the Prospects for Peace - an interview
with Jonathan Cook; Redress, Mar. 13, 2010

Capital Anglos mobilize against practice of spitting at Christians;
Mar. 11, 2010

rabble.ca: '
Israel and Apartheid: A Fair Comparison?'; E.
Corrigan; Mar. 2, '10

FP: '
What is Benjamin Netanyahu Thinking?'; S. Walt; Apr.
28, '09

Discrimination in Israeli Law; Arab Human Rights Assocation

2006 but still, wow! Example of Israeli far-right:
Baruch Marzel: IDF must assassinate left-wing activist Uri Avnery;
by Nadav Shragai, Haaretz; 21/03/06  

Targeting Israel with Boycotts, Divestment, Sanctions, and
Prosecutions'; by Stephen Lendman; Global Research.ca, Feb.
25, '09;

Egypt seizes aid supplies for Gaza; Press TV; Fri, 13 Feb 2009

United Nations press conference on the humanitarian situation in
Gaza, Feb. 05, 09

UK government suppressed evidence on Binyam
torture because MI6 helped his interrogators; Telegraph.co.uk;
Feb. 07, '09;
No Hamas
rockets were
fired during the
leading up to
Israel's deadly
'Operation Cast
Lead'.  See
page 6:

Intelligence and
Center at the
Heritage and  
Summary of
rocket fire and
mortar shelling
in 2008
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an end South Africa's
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that world civil society
turned its attention toward
Israel's crimes against the
Palestinian people; to
encourage, through
peaceful boycott,
divestment and sanctions, a
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demands equal rights for
both Palestinians and Jews.
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respect this principle in
violation of international law.
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