Question to Clinton:  What is a 'sufficient' level of oppression?

By Diane V. McLoughlin        March 4, '09                           

American financial and military aid to Israel is expected to increase to 2.77 billion dollars per year.  
Lawmakers such as
Congressman Dennis Kucinich are demanding that Israel’s actions during the latest
assault on Gaza be investigated.  There are serious concerns that Israel may have been in violation of the
U.S. Arms Export Control Act and the Foreign Assistance Act (as well as in violation of international law.)  

Others, on the other hand,
demand American financing for Israel be cut off completely. (More examples
here, here, here, here, here and here.)  

Israel is an Apartheid state and the Palestinian people are its victims. Israel is a regime dedicated to
preserving itself strictly for the benefit of one race. Yet, over t
wenty-three percent of the state of Israel
proper is comprised of Arab-Israeli citizens. They are second-class citizens discriminated against
every level and strata of Israeli society.  Jewish-Israeli politicians tried to legally block Arab-
Israeli political parties from participating in the February, 2009 federal elections.  

In a rare moment of plain speaking, Olmert was quoted in the Israeli press  declaring to his horror that
attacks against beleaguered Palestinians in the West Bank by Jewish settlers was nothing more or less
than a pogrom against innocent Palestinian people.  Could it be?  Is it possible that Olmert actually does
not know about what has been, and is being, done to the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation in
the occupied West Bank?

Gaza, meanwhile, is an open-air concentration camp.  The best spine Clinton could muster in her meeting
with Israeli authorities this week was for her to gently suggest that Israel should permit
humanitarian supplies into Gaza. I, for one, would appreciate it greatly if Secretary of State Clinton could
define for us exactly what would meet her fine distinction of 'sufficient'.  

What is the acceptable level of oppression, or numbers of deliberately starved of children, the permitted
numbers of pogroms?  This is something new to consider:  Apparently, different races of people are
entitled to different levels of human rights.  Suddenly, American foreign policy comes into sharper focus.
Finally, I see it for what it is.  Now, it all makes sense.

One could barely stomach the nauseating scenes captured by television cameras as Clinton  schmoozed
with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. Then there was Israeli President Shimon Peres, handing Clinton
the prettiest nosegay of flowers while kissing and kissing and
kissing her again, making love to her for all
the world to see, Clinton glowing like a giddy school girl.  

Peres and Clinton: Kiss
                                                         Ammar Awad/Reuters

That Clinton. What a diplomat.  That is sure to sell well on the IDF-destroyed-with-
rubble of the
sewage-contaminated children-starving Gaza street.  But maybe now Israel will finally permit
big shipment of macaroni to pass into Gaza, denied transit to-date because it is deemed by a
beneficent and infinitesimally considerate Israel on behalf of Gaza's starving citizens to not be part of their
'typical' diet.

A final kiss farewell:

Ismail Hamdan's mother kisses her son [Ma'anImages]
The ten-year old succumbs to his injuries after being
hit by a missile near his home in Beit Hanoun. Another
child victim of Israel's Operation Cast Lead.

In point of fact, Clinton is the perfect personification of American foreign policy; it was on display for all the
world's citizens to see:  A girl who doesn't know when to say 'no'.

Livni is that delightful character who, during the annihilation of Gaza, the sixth most densely populated
urban center on Earth, reassured the world that
'There is no humanitarian crisis in the Strip, and therefore
there is no need for a humanitarian truce.'

Because of Israel’s assault, out of a population of 1.5 million hundreds of thousands of people in Gaza
currently have no reliable running water.  Much of the means of agricultural production: farms, orchards,
chicken production, livestock, and including
up to 60% of Gaza’s arable land in the North, was destroyed.  

Since the IDF withdrew from Gaza, Israel has announced, according to
Peace Now, its approval for the
construction of 73,300 new settlement homes in the West Bank. The housing minister scoffs, puts the
number closer to
11,530; either way it  makes a sham of Israel’s past claims of supporting a two-state

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s newly elected prime minister is also leader of the Likud Party.  The 1999
Likud charter, according to
Wikipedia, ‘emphasized the right of settlement in "Judea (and) Samaria"
(more commonly known as the "West Bank") and Gaza’.  

The reality is that Israel’s theft and occupation of Palestinian land has already lead, de facto, to one state,
two nationalities: One with preferred status, the other oppressed whose human rights are daily trampled.

Hamas is the legitimate political party representing  the Palestinian People.  Palestinians  resist their
oppression and occupation and it is their fundamental right to resist.  

World leaders such as Russia’s
Vladimir Putin assert that Hamas should be recognized as the legitimate
voice of the Palestinian People.  

If we needed any further proof that the U.S. is not serious about peace it is the fact that only
300 out of
900  million dollars in American aid is earmarked for Gaza to fix it, while it is largely U.S. donated
weapons that caused billions in damage in Gaza in the first place; the expelled Fatah party, charged by
the U.S. with dispensing this 300 million in aid, has no authority in Gaza.  How this circle is supposed to
be squared we are not told.

And of course, also part and parcel of the Kafkesque [hopelessness, absurdity] fugue [dissociative
disorder similar to amnesia; music: a round] is the fact that
Israel refuses to allow construction materials
into Gaza, let alone food.

So we don't give a damn about
the truth, or human rights, or international law, or moral law, or human
suffering, or ‘never again’, and we certainly don't give a damn about the oppression and ethnic cleansing
of the Palestinian People.   

Because we don't care, and because we trample the sovereign rights of nations around the world, we
move farther from peace, closer to all-out war.


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