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(Note:  Any representative that feels their company has successfully
rethought business practices to ensure it is not helping to normalize or
enforce the oppression of the Palestinian people, please feel free to
contact me to have their information updated or removed from the lists below.)  


Note:  Since the launch by Israel of Operation Protective Edge [2014], there has been movement
on the boycott and sanctions front.

Names of countries from which various actions have been initiated:  Argentina, Chile, Ecuador,
Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, South African civil society, Spain
[weapons], Ireland [grocery chain],
Great Britain
[possible review of weapons], U.S. [beefed up weapons shipment approvals].

Companies:  UK - Tesco; Sainsbury;

Article: 'Norwegian YMCA Supports BDS';' International Middle East Media Center; March 3, 2014;

Statement excerpt:  'Just Peace in Palestine and Israel' - 'The Norwegian YMCA -YWCA encourages
broad economic boycott of goods and services from Israel and Israeli settlements to pressure the Israeli
government to follow UN resolutions and end the illegal occupation of Palestine. We do this because
we hope this non- violent instrument can contribute to a solution of just peace in Israel and Palestine.

'The Norwegian YMCA -YWCA believes that both Israelis and Palestinians have a right to self-
determination within internationally recognized borders. We assume that Israel's rights must be
maintained, but the occupation of Palestine is unacceptable. We believe that the way to a just peace in
Israel and Palestine goes through pressure on Israel as the occupier. Because a long series of UN
resolutions and negotiations over decades has not yielded results, we believe it is now appropriate to
initiate an economic boycott of Israel to put increased pressure on the Israeli authorities to follow UN
resolutions to end the occupation.'


University of Windsor, Palestinian Solidarity Group;
March 1, 2014 - First university in Canada to hold
a campus-wide student referendum on BDS. Final vote: in favor 798; 585 against; 14 None of the
Above; 10 abstentions.

Statement excerpt ['The University of Windsor Palestinian Solidarity Group'; Facebook; March 4,

'...the referendum question asks the UWSA [University of Windsor Student's Association] to participate
in BDS by simply divesting from "companies that support or profit from Israeli war crimes, occupation
and oppression," which is following the BDS approach of the United Church of Canada, CUPE Ontario,
and the many other student unions who have passed BDS.'


Article: '
Largest Dutch pension fund boycotts Israeli banks over settlement ties'; Barak Ravid; Haaretz;
January 8, 2014; 'The Netherlands' largest pension fund management company has decided to withdraw
all its investments from Israel’s five largest banks because they have branches in the West Bank and/or
are involved in financing construction in the settlements...'.


Statement, American Studies Association, '
ASA Members Vote to Endorse Boycott of Israeli Academic
Institutions' [early 2014];

Excerpts: 'The resolution is in solidarity with scholars and students deprived of their academic freedom
and it aspires to enlarge that freedom for all, including Palestinians. The ASA’s endorsement of the
academic boycott emerges from the context of US military and other support for Israel; Israel’s
violation of international law and UN resolutions; the documented impact of the Israeli occupation on
Palestinian scholars and students; the extent to which Israeli institutions of higher education are a party
to state policies that violate human rights; and finally, the support of such a resolution by a majority of
ASA members...Members asked for clarification about how the resolution would affect the ability of
ASA members to engage with colleagues in Israel, and the Council developed guidelines specifying that
collaboration on research and publications between individual scholars does not fall under the ASA
boycott... As the nation’s oldest and largest association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of
American culture and history, the Association’s mission includes the ongoing study and discussion of
pressing issues faced by the US and the world. As part of that process and in keeping with the ASA’s
commitment to academic freedom, we are thus pleased to announce plans to bring Israeli and
Palestinian academics to the 2014 national convention in Los Angeles...'.


Article:  '
EU to label products from Israeli settlements'; The Telegraph; Ben Lynfield; July 23, 2013;
subheading: 'The EU will start labelling products made on Israeli settlements in the West Bank to
distinguish them from goods from Israel proper by the end of the year'. Excerpt: 'The settlements
contravene the Fourth Geneva Convention's ban on an occupying power moving its nationals into
occupied territory...;'.

Article:  '
Israeli anger as EU bans funds for West Bank Settlements'; The Independent; Alistair Dawber;
July 16, 2013;

September 14, 2011:  United Kingdom's Trades Union Congress, representing 6.5 million workers,
votes in support of BDS.



One American Jew's eyewitness account of
the current state of Israel - '
Apartheid on Steroids';
Stephen Robert; The Nation;
Aug. 12, 2011:

Excerpt: 'As a Jew who has been an ardent supporter of Israel
since its independence, it pains me to record what I saw there.
But it is my love for Israel and for the Jewish people that
drives me to speak out at this treacherous time.

'What I witnessed in the West Bank—home to about
2.5 million Palestinians and 400,000 Israeli settlers—exceeded
my worst expectations.'


Statement of the Interfaith Peace Builder's African Heritage Delegation
to Israel/Palestine, dated August 2, 2011:  

'...Because of our experience of fighting racism and exploitation in the
United States, we are united in our support for civil and human rights of
all peoples of the world...

'Based on our observations and discussions with Palestinians and
Israelis, we have come to the following conclusions:

'1.The Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and the blockade
of the Gaza Strip are in direct violation of international laws
and several United Nations Resolutions;

'2.The Occupation has led to the physical, psychological and
spiritual oppression of Palestinians in the West Bank, the
Gaza Strip and Israel, as well as the forced expulsion of millions
of Palestinians from their homes, farms, businesses
and their homeland;

'3.In addition to the illegal occupation of the West Bank and
the blockade of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli government,
many Israeli businesses and wide swaths of Israeli society
discriminate against Palestinians with Israeli citizenship and
against Mizrahi Jews (Jews of Arab descent) who are citizens of Israel;

'4.The Israeli Occupation and the suppression of Palestinian
rights conform to the United Nations definition of Apartheid.

'As a result of our findings and conclusions,
we adopted the following resolutions:

'1.We call on African Americans and all people of good will
to support an end to the Occupation, including the removal
of all Israeli settlements in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem,
and the dismantling of the apartheid wall; the end to the military
and economic blockade of the Gaza Strip; the granting of full
equality to all Palestinian citizens and Mizrahi Jewish citizens of Israel;
and the recognition and realization of the right of return for Palestinian
refugees and internally displaced Palestinians.

'2.We call for the humane treatment of Palestinian children and
adults in the custody of the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli Police;
the release of all political prisoners; and an end to indefinite
detentions without trial.

'3.We call for the United States government to cease its military aid
of $3 billion of our tax dollars annually to Israel, which, in the name
of security, is used to further oppress, harass, maim and kill Palestinians.

'4.We endorse the international campaign calling for boycotts,
divestment and sanctions against Israel in support of Palestinian
freedom, justice and equality.

'5.We call on U.S. citizens to join an Interfaith Peace Builders
delegation and travel to Palestine/Israel to learn about the
impact of the Occupation firsthand.

'Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. told us, “Injustice anywhere is a
threat to justice everywhere.”  We believe in the indivisibility
of our human rights and those of Palestinians and all oppressed peoples.  
We will not rest until all of humanity is free.'


Introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives July 19, 2011,
sole sponsor Representative Mr. Berman,
referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs:

Proposed:  H.R. 2589 IH (introduced In House - I.H.)

The Anti Boycott Act:

'To prohibit certain activities in support of the Arab League boycott of Israel'
...upon conviction, be fined not more than $1,000,000, or, if a natural person,
be imprisoned for not more than 20 years, or both.'

Article:  'U.S. on Israeli boycott law:  Freedom to protest is a basic democratic right';
by Natasha Mozgovaya and Shlomo Shamir; Haaretz; July 12, 2011:

fta:  'The U.S. State Department responded Tuesday to the new anti-boycott law
passed in Israel, saying that the freedom to organize and protest is a democratic
value Israel and the U.S. have long shared.'


Food for thought on cultural boycott:  Nissim Ben-Sheetrit of Israel's Foreign Ministry:

“We see culture as a propaganda tool of the first rank, and I do not
differentiate between propaganda and culture.”
(Ha'aretz; 21/09/05)

Israel's new Boycott Law explained:  

'[the] law prohibits citizens of the state from engaging in any activity that
encourages avoiding “economic, cultural or academic connections with a
person or other entity solely because of their connection with the state of Israel,
one of its institutions or an area under its control, the effect of which is to
cause economic, cultural or academic damage.”  No mention of “territories,”
of “settlements” – no nothing.  The law actually deals with boycotting Israel as a whole.'

- from July, 2011 article, 'I'm boycotting';; ;

A Jewish settlement on Bil’in farmland is being built by these Quebec Corporations:

Green Park International Inc., and Green Mountain International


Korean coalition calls for BDS, cancellation of fighter jet sale to Israel';
Maureen Clare Murphy; electronic intifada;
July 28, 2011;

Largest student union in Europe joins boycott of Israel; James Haywood and Ashok Kumar;
May 18, 2011; BDS ;

University of British Columbia:  '
$700 Gaza Donation Approved'; (after hours of debate); Kalyeena
Dec. 2, 2010;

IWW Supports Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement in Support of Palestine.'  From the
notice:  'The “Resolution in Support of the Workers of Palestine/Israel” was adopted in an
overwhelming vote both at the IWW’s convention in Minneapolis and by the membership via
referendum. This vote makes the IWW the first union in the US and the third union in Canada to
officially support the Palestinian United Call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.  'Inspired by the
struggle against apartheid in South Africa, the BDS movement calls for boycott, divestment and
sanctions against Israel until such time as fundamental Palestinian rights are recognized. The BDS call
is supported by a broad cross-section of Palestinian society, including Palestinian unions.' Industrial
Workers of the World;
Dec. 2, 2010;

French firm drops out of rail project - Veolia responds to pressure from pro-Palestinian groups, partner
Dan says, but company spokesman denies the charge, says decision based on financial considerations
Associated Press for;
Nov. 28, 2010;

Another BDS Victory:  Irish trade Union TEEU Votes to Boycott Israel '; aic - Alternative Information
Nov. 26, 2010;

Ahava Boycott Campaign U.K. Fortnightly Demo:  
OCCUPATION NUMBER 5, Nov. 22, 2010;

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Committee: Israeli Blood Diamonds - National Boycott Day of Action,
Oct. 30, 2010;

Holland cancels Israeli delegation's tour'; Press TV; Sept. 19, 2010;

Eminent scholar Ann Stoler endorses boycott'; Pulse; Sept. 17, 2010;

TUC Votes to Extend Israeli Boycott'; John Millington in Manchester; Sept. 14, 2010; Morningstar
(UK) - a union representing three million members;

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign -
180 Irish artists pledge to boycott Israel, "...until such time as
Israel complies with international law and universal principles of human rights."  
August, 2010 ;

Success:  '
Norway government-run pension fund drops Africa Israel Group Shares; Oslo says
EUR450bn oil fund has excluded two Israeli firms for ethical reasons'; By Reuters and Shuki Sadeh;
August 24, 2010 ;

In the U.S.?  Recommended reading:  

Is it legal to boycott Israel in the U.S. or not?  PART I   PART II

Wikipedia:  Good background on divestment from Israel here

Mar. 30, 2010:  The following press release was issued on 30 March 2010 by UA Health for Human
Rights, an ad hoc group formed by the broader University Community for Human Rights, a student-led
board leading divestment initiatives at the University of Arizona:   'A joint group of more than 50
Jewish, Christian, Muslim and agnostic medical and health advocates of the Tucson and surrounding
region, following student initiative, are calling on the University of Arizona to divest from corporations
benefiting from the global health and humanitarian crisis in Palestine caused by Israel’s military
occupation, supported by the United States.' - for more, visit:
U.S. Campaign for the Academic &
Cultural Boycott of Israel

'[British] Commons Committees on Arms Export Controls described as ‘regrettable’ the discovery that
British ‘exports were almost certainly used in Operation Cast Lead’.The cross-party group of mps
called for a review of the way arms sales are approved. The sales to Israeli [sic] were it said, “in
direct contravention to the UK government's policy that UK arms exports to Israel should not be used in
the occupied territories."  '.Sweden's biggest pension fund divests from Israeli arms maker Elbit
Systems 'on ethical grounds' (
Mar. 31, 2010,

March 18, 2010: The associated students of the University of California Berkeley Bill S.B.118 in
support of UC divestment from war crimes - recommends boycott of two companies which supply
Israel.  Read Naomi Klein's
letter of support.

Global boycott, divestment and sanctions movement

Another boycott and resources page -SAIA

U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation -
 BDS page of updates and activities ;

Boycott Israeli Goods: list

Just a few of the Suggestions for Boycott:  

HUGE percentage of Israel's total exports ('lucrative, high-value end of the
diamond industry is the main artery of the Israeli economy, accounting for
more than 30 percent of Israel's total manufacturing exports worth nearly
$20 billion in 2008'.  See,
'Israel's Blood Diamonds';
Sean Clinton, original to Electronic Intifada)

Green Park International Inc., and Green Mountain International;
Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC);
L'oreal, AHAVA (makeup);
Chapters/Indigo (books);
Caterpillar (tractors/bulldozers);
Carmel/Agrexco (Israeli exporter of fresh produce);  
United Technologies;
General Electric;
ITT Corporation and Terex

Hampshire College: First college in U.S. to boycott and divest [or tried to. There is some confusion on
Contact: Hampshire College Students for Justice in Palestine: ]

Students for Justice in Palestine (Hampshire College chapter - same as above):  'In November of last
year [2009], student organizers representing over 40 campuses nation-wide came together for a BDS
Conference held on Hampshire's campus to continue to carry the momentum of divestment last January.
More than ever, activists throughout the United States and around the world are talking to each other,
exchanging ideas...'.

500 Montreal Artists Against Israeli Apartheid ; February 25, 2010;

On February 25, 2010: University of Michigan-Dearborn Student Government issued a statement
delineating the Israeli state’s many violations of international law and resolving to a) carry out a
petition to secure an advisory committee on campus, in order for this committee to officially investigate
the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s investments and determine if any are ethically unsound – which
is to say, if any are designated for companies that sell weapons, goods, and services to the state of
Israel; and, b) urge the advisory committee to immediately divest from any companies that violate the
university’s ethical foundation. (More

March 18, 2010: For the first time in the University of California history, the UC Berkeley Student
has approved a bill to divest from two US companies in response to the Israeli occupation of
Palestinian territories and to Israel’s siege and bombardment of the Gaza Strip.  The vote was 16-4.  
***On 24 March 2010, UC Berkeley student association president Will Smelko
vetoed the bill (‘A Bill
in Support of UC Divestment From War Crimes’). ***In the coming weeks there will be a Senate vote
to attempt to overturn the veto. The Senate meets on Wednesdays. When this vote will occur I
personally do not know.  I have read as early as March 31st, April 7th, or some other Wednesday soon.
(Update:  I discuss the U.C. Berkley situation in an essay,

Historical perspective:
 Experience of university activists who worked to convince Carleton University
to divest from companies doing business with Apartheid South Africa:
Looking back at Carleton's
divestment from South Africa; Alroy Fonseca; Jan. 22, 2010;

End the Occupation Boycott & Divestment in Action
Statewide divestment initiative campaign launched in Los Angeles, 9/8/2010
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